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If you’ve been curious about your vaginal health or looking for ways to maintain a healthy and balanced pH, you’re not alone. In fact, WAPology was created just for you. While our WAP Wash cleansers were created to help prevent irritation and pH changes related to intimacy, WAPology University is here to help you stay educated on all things related to your sexual and vaginal health. After all, as Dr. Ken says so often, “Not all wet is good wet.”

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The Difference Between Wet, Wet, and Wet

Taking full ownership of your vaginal health allows you to become the best version of yourself. WAPology University is here to help you rediscover that ownership and make you feel confident in your power as a woman in today’s world. Through social media, live events, and conferences, you’ll learn the difference between good wet and bad wet, how to maintain a healthy pH, and so much more.

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Dr. Ken

About Dr. Ken

Dr. Keneitra Brown, or Dr. Ken, has been teaching women like you how to take control of their emotional and physical health, find their purpose, and walk in their passion. After all, a confident, healthy woman can achieve nearly anything she sets her mind to, right? Dr. Ken created WAP Wash for this reason and continues to coach, educate, and help women find the right supplements to stay healthy inside and out.

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Stay Educated

The secret to taking control of your health is to stay educated. WAPology University is here to help you do just that. Check out some of our upcoming live events, follow us on social media, or attend a conference to make the most of your newly found knowledge of vaginal health!

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