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WAPology was created to address a need among women of all ages around the globe — to better understand the difference between wet, wet, and wet. Because, as CEO and Founder Dr. Ken states, “Not all wet is good wet.” WAPology not only offers a top-of-the-line intimate cleanser for both men and women, but it also aims to teach women how to take full ownership of their vaginal and sexual health. If you’re interested in learning more or trying our products for yourself, reach out to us or shop online today.

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WAP Wash: Made With Your Health in Mind

The WAPology teaching takes physical form with the creation of our WAP Wash. This intimate cleanser is not your mama’s feminine wash! WAP Wash can be used by both women and the men who love them, in order to maintain a healthy vaginal pH for the female. While many women practice proper hygiene, it can be the practices of their male counterparts that throw off their pH balance after intimacy. WAP Wash is plant-based, organic, and created with antifungal, antibacterial, and pH-balancing ingredients. Order yours today!

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WAPology University: Stay Educated

WAPology is more than an intimate cleaner. We aim to educate women and girls in the art of personal self-care while promoting self-awareness and self-love. WAPology University helps women of all ages stay educated about their vaginal health through social media, live events, and conferences. No matter what questions you have, Dr. Ken is here to help. There is no subject off the table at WAPology — we are here to learn and grow together.

As a woman in today’s culture, it’s important to take full ownership of your sexual and vaginal health, and that means staying educated. Reach out to us at WAPology to learn more about our mission, or order your WAP Wash online today.

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