While you’re shopping for some of our incredible self-care products and intimate cleansers, you might have some questions about our women's sexual health products. Rest assured, our founder, doctor Keneitra Brown — aka Dr. Ken — has you covered. We put together this FAQ page to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our natural vaginal washes and intimate cleansers. Read on to learn more, or you can get in contact with us directly for more specific questions!

Can You Use WAP if You Have a UTI or Are Prone to UTIs?

Yes. WAP Wash is made with all-natural ingredients that are mild enough for your most sensitive areas. Many of the ingredients also have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can help to promote a healthy vaginal flora.

Does WAP Cause Any Discharge or Changes in Discharge?

WAP Wash promotes a healthy balanced pH. When your WAP is healthy, it is normal to have a normal healthy discharge. Remember, healthy discharge is our vagina’s way of self-cleaning.

Will WAP Cause Dryness?

No, it actually does the opposite. Both the original and the sensitive formulas contain moisturizing oils that help to decrease dryness and promote a healthy WAP. The oil contained in our intimate cleansers naturally floats to the top, so be sure to shake well with each use.

Should You Use WAP Inside the Vagina?

No. In fact, you should not use any intimate cleanser inside your vagina. WAP Wash should be used to wash your vulva only, which includes inside and between the labia majora and minora (vaginal lips), the clitoris and the clitoral hood, and around the vaginal opening.

Can You Use WAP if You Use an IUD or Birth Control Vaginal Ring?

Yes. WAP Wash should only be used externally and does not interfere with vaginal or cervical contraceptive devices.

Is It Safe To Use WAP if You Use Spermicide?

Yes. Spermicide is inserted intravaginally before sexual intercourse. It is safe to use WAP Wash before and after sexual encounters. Remember, WAP Wash should not be used inside the vagina.

Can You Use WAP When You’re on Your Period?

Yes. WAP Wash is mild enough for daily use, especially during your period.

Can You Use WAP if You Have a Yeast Infection?

Yes. WAP Wash contains ingredients that are antimicrobial and mild enough for your most sensitive areas. Of course, if you feel that your symptoms are worse after using WAP Wash, discontinue use until you have been treated by your doctor.

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