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About WAPology

Under Renovation LLC was started in 2019, while Dr. Keneitra Brown — aka Dr. Ken — was in the process of healing from her own trauma. She decided that she wanted to help other women with the lessons she had learned during this difficult time. Her goal at the time was to encourage, educate, and provide resources and products to help women become the best versions of themselves.

WAP Wash by WAPology was created because men and women alike should have a cleanser that protects a female’s pH balance. Oftentimes, even while women are using proper hygiene, their partner’s hygiene practices can negatively affect their vaginal pH. WAP Wash is a cleanser created both for women and the men in their lives that love them.

WAPology came to life after the hit song W.A.P. by Cardi B took off on the charts. Dr. Ken decided that it was time to share her raw and straight-up teachings her patients received on TikTok. Dr. Ken treats her patients like family, and in this case, means she holds nothing back. She uses the same approach in her online WAPology teachings.

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Dr. Ken

About Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken is a health care provider, health and wellness coach, social media influencer, and CEO and Founder of Under Renovation LLC. She has a passion to inform, educate, and empower African American women, which led her to create the movement, #IamUnderRenovation. Through this movement, Dr. Ken uses her 15 years of experience and her own story of pain, failure, and redemption to inspire women to take control of their emotional and physical health, find their passion, and walk in their purpose.

As the COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary end to in-person events and seminars, Dr. Ken began to establish her online presence on TikTok. Through her company, Under Renovation LLC, Dr. Ken provides coaching, health education, and health supplements curated specifically to address the needs of African American women.

For questions about WAPology, Under Renovation LLC, or to learn more about what Dr. Ken is teaching, reach out to us today!

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